About American Revolution Design

25 years in the making, built on hard work and determination, ARD is the blood, sweat and tears in your gears.

More than a profession, a lifestyle obsession, ARD operates on the following key fundamentals:

  • Be original, offer something positive to the world everyone can relate too and appreciate.
  • Remember that nothing in life is perfect, find contentment or die trying.
  • Do what you love and inspires, our inner passion is what drives us all.
  • Be your best at every turn, there are sharp curves ahead.
  • Keep it simple and common sense will prevail.
  • Enjoy life, for it is short!

Join the ARD journey and experience art for the pursuit of happiness!



With 90+ toy characters in our arsenal, ARD Toy Co. has the proven skills to design, fabricate and bring to life your story line creations.

Whatever your style, ARD Furniture Co. provides in-home design consultation to ensure each hand crafted piece is carefully planned out, sure to fit your décor and space in which it will be placed.

With 25+ years in the residential construction industry, our qualified, skilled craftsmen and licensed contractors are here to bring your ideas into reality. From design through completion, we offer full service project development, planning, management and construction.

At ARD we are ready to meet your construction needs in any capacity.


How did you get started making toys?

It all started on a whim. The night before Easter I wanted to create something for the children. I made three Bunny-Bots, from there I was hooked on my new found passion.

Where do you find the recycled materials you use for your sculptures and furniture?

I salvage and recycle most items from my renovation projects; however, a majority of the pieces I have created to date are from pieces I acquired cleaning out my grandfather’s garage, basement and attic, along with my barn wood finds.

Where can I buy your furniture and toy characters?

Artwork can be purchased on my Etsy shop or by contacting me directly. Most pieces are made to order and I love to incorporate personal requests and ideas, from you, my customer.

Can I contact you for a custom project?

Yes, of course. Feel free to place a call or send an email with your thoughts and ideas. I’d be happy to answer your questions. If we’re a match to meet your needs we can schedule a free consultation to get started.